Our Grants

madison-grants-for-kidsTo date, we have helped hundreds of local kids in the Madison, WI area through individual grants and gifts.

We can’t give what we don’t have. Donate today and feel good that your money is supporting your local kids and children… and don’t forget to smile!

  • M4K  Community Gifts

    MOM Pantry – Backpacks and supplies, back to school Submitted 4/24/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Individual Grant – Compression clothing for 2-year old with special needs Submitted 5/31/17

    Sandburg Elementary- Kinesthetic Learning- Smart cycles & Power bands Submitted 4/30/17
    Granted $962.00

    Camp Wawbeek Easter Seals– Camperships for two children- Submitted 4-30-17
    Granted $796.00

    Future CEO’s –Program scholarships for at risk youth – Submitted 3/24/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Individual grants – 2 girls to Elite Basketball camp – Submitted 5/1/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Franklin Elementary School – Adaptive swing for playground  Submitted 5/31/17
    Granted $725.00

    East High School food for thought – shelf stable snacks Submitted 5/14/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    FLYY – Life skills program scholarships for at risk youth Submitted 5/26/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Dane Co. Fair 4-H horse & Pony – Show guidelines rules, ribbons and trophies Submitted 5-1 26-17
    Granted $900.00

    Cambridge Farm to Table – Severson learning center- plants Submitted 5/27/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    YMCA of Dane County – Water Safety Program Submitted 5/31/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Individual Grant – advanced voice lessons at Interlochen Submitted 5/27/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Oregon Youth Center – Field trip to outdoor pool Submitted 5/17/17
    Granted $212.50

    Individual Grant – Camp Fee for Autistic child, Camp AweSum Submitted 2/28/17
    Granted full fee- $1,343.00

    Logan’s Heart & Smiles – Home modifications for special needs kids- Submitted 2/27/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Black Hawk Middle School – Books, Language arts class Submitted -2/28/17
    Granted $1000.00

    Sugar Creek Elementary –Get out and Hike, bus to Ice Age trail – Submitted 2/28/17
    Granted $78.00

    Three Gaits, Inc. – Adaptive riding equipment and Helmets – Submitted 2/27/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Toki Marathon –  Scholarships for kids participation – Submitted 2/27/17
    Granted $1,00.00

    Individual Grant – Housing and accessories, advanced Ballet camp 2/27/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    The Wagon Drive –Run by kids, supplies & food for kids in need Submitted 2/27/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Millennium Soccer Club – Uniforms for all kids. Submitted 2/25/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    CTM –Summer program tuition assistance – Submitted 2/23/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Lincoln Elementary, KLM group – Old world WI trip –submitted 2/23/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Theresa Terrace Center –  Summer learning Field trips – Submitted 2/19/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Cambridge 4-H –  Backpacks & care products for kids in foster care-Submitted 2/18/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Sunshine Place Stuff the Bus –School supplies for kids in need- Submitted 2/3/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    Madison Starlings Volleyball – Uniforms girls Volleyball club- Submitted 2/1/17
    Granted $954.00

    Madison East Side Sharks – Uniforms and sports equipment –Submitted 1/18/17
    Granted $1,000.00

    McFarland Bicycling WI – Summer bike trip – Submitted 1/9/17
    Granted $300.00

    Individual Grant – Softball instruction and tournament fees. Submitted 2/3/17
    Granted $800.00

    Memorial HS Band – Band equipment, field trip scholarships. Submitted 12/9/16
    Granted $1,000

    MadTown Furries – Uniforms, equipment, scholarships. Submitted 1/4/17
    Granted $500.00

    Individual Grant – Private Cello lessons for gifted student in need. Submitted 11/29/16
    Granted $1,000

    The First Tee – Lessons for High school golfers in need. Submitted 11/29/16
    Granted: $1,000

    Individual Grant – for 8th grade student in need for school trip, Submitted 11/28/16
    Granted: $1,000

    West High Girls Cross Country –shelter tent for meets, submitted 11/28/16
    Donated a 10 x 20 tent


    Olson Elementary School – Healthy snacks, Submited 11/9/16
    Granted: $700.

    East Madison Kiwanis iPads, Autistic children- submitted 10-26-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Food For thought Initiative – establish a food pantry at Sandburg elementary submitted 9-8-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Aldo Leopold Center – Afterschool programs for disadvantaged submitted 8-5-16
    Granted $1,000

    GiGi’s Playhouse –Therapy equipment, Submitted 8-19-16 –
    Granted $1,000

    Lancer Youth Wrestling- Warm up clothes- submitted, 8-10-16
    Granted $1,000

    Hawthorne PTA – standup desks, submitted 8-4-16
    Granted -$825.00

    Tri-4-Schools – scholarships for mud run, submitted 818-16.
    Granted $1,000

    WI Heights Splash Pad –park benches, submitted 8-23-16
    Granted $1,000

    Belleville PTA – Books for group learning, submitted 8-25-16
    Granted $1,00

    West High Green Club –Filtered water system, submitted 8-23-16
    Granted $1,000

    Neighborhood House – Healthy after school snacks, submitted 8-29-16
    Granted $900

    Box of Balloons –Birthday celebrations for needy children. Submitted 8-28-16
    Granted $1,000

    The Road Home –Afterschool activities. Submitted 8-31-16
    Granted $700.00

    Individual grant for swing pod for Autistic child- submitted, 10-4-16
    Granted $160.00

    CEO’S of Tomorrow – social entrepreneur scholarshipssubmitted  5-28-16
    Granted: $1,000  

    Optimist Club –Senior scholarship & student of the month, Submitted 5-28-16
    Granted: $1,000    

    Family fire loss, funds for children’s needs- submitted 5-23-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Dane County 4-H horse & Pony DC Fair- Submitted 5-20-16
    Granted: $900.00      

    MOM – Back to school backpack program, Submitted 5-18-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Individual Grant-  student housing, Oregon Ballet theater summer intensive program,  Submitted 5-9-16
    Granted: $1,000

    FLYY- At risk youth mentoring and wilderness expeditions, Submitted 5-5-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Supporting Families Together – Book drive for distribution, Submitted – 5-3-16
    Granted: $700.

    Individual Grant – for 8th grade student in need for school trip, Submitted 4-25-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Orchard Ridge Elementary-  Replace soccer nets and new balls,  Submitted 4 – 12-16
    Granted: $200.

    Toki Marathon – Entry fees for kids to participate. Submitted 3-9-16
    Granted:  $250.00

    Verona Aid-  Kick start student backpack & diaper bag drive Submitted 1-13-16
    Granted: $ 1000

    Theresa Terrace Neighborhood Center- STEM Adventure for Elementary students Submitted 2-29-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Walbridge School, Button maker for fundraising  Submitted 2-28-16
    Granted: $436

    Boys and Girls Club-  7- book summer Program  Submitted 2-28-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Gio’s Garden–  Portage assessment tool and supplies  Submitted
    Granted: $1,000

    Sugar Creek PTO-  Bus for field trip transportation Submitted 2-26-16
    Granted: $255

    Goodman Waves – Pool buoys and swim paddles Submitted 2-25-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Girls on the Run – Programming and running gear, Submitted 2-16-16
    Granted: $1,000

    Gilda’s Club –  Kids Play program Submitted 2-8-16
    Granted: $500

    Easter Seals  WI – 2 kids to attend camp Wawbeek, Submitted 1-22-16
    Granted: $784

    Mad City Crush – Softball training equipment for girls, Submitted, 11 -3-15,
    Granted: $1,000

    Madison Judo – Training crash mats, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted: $1,000

    Madison Children’s Museum, Access for schools program, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted:  $1,000

    Individual Scholarship, for DC class field trip, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted: $870.00

    Three Gaits Inc., helmets / equipment for therapeutic riding class, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted: $1,000

    PPD Basketball Academy, Basketball camp scholarships, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted: $1,000

    Madison Waldorf  School, Fieldtrip camping  gear, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted: $962.00

    First Tee of Wisconsin, Youth scholarships, Submitted, 11-30-15,
    Granted: $1,000

    Falk School, Girls on the Run, 3rd grade scholarships, Submitted, 11-29-15,
    Granted: $916.00

    Riding on Insulin, Arm bands and Radios, Submitted, 11-23-15,
    Granted:  $1,000

    Madison Nordic Ski Club, youth Roller Skis, Submitted 9-8-15
    Granted: $1,000

    Wright Middle School, 6th & 7th grade The outsiders, read / pay it forward  – Submitted, 9-2015 
    Granted: $500.

    Kromery Middle School, Pheasant Branch Environmental Education center Submitted, 8-2015
    Granted: $1,000.

    YMCA,  3 months of after school for at risk student Submitted 8-31-15
    Granted: $951.50

    Thomas Jefferson Middle  School,   Maker space,  kits for the study of electricity, Submitted 8-28-15
    Granted: $994.50

    WYSO,  Youth scholarships  Submitted 8-30-15
    Granted: $1,000

    Lafolette HS,  AP statistics calculators for accelerated math class submitted 8- 2015,
    Granted: $910.00

    Neighborhood House, Programing and healthy snacks submitted 8- 2015,
    Granted: $900.00

    Tri4Schools, 40 scholarships , running events,  Submitted  8- 2015,
    Granted: $1,000.

    The Road Home,  Housing & Hope playground, submitted 5.28.15
    Granted: $1,000.

    Donated Several boxes of School supplies from Gigi’s Cupcake’s  fundraiser 8-11.15

    Dane County Fair, Horse and Pony:  Guidelines and education, Submitted: 5.24.15
    Granted;  $1,000.

    Lancers youth wrestling,  Wall matts for wrestling Lafollette HS, Submitted: 5-21-15
    Granted: $1,000.

    Indian Mound middle school,  Fatal vision  goggles for Drivers Ed. Submitted 5.15.15
    Granted:  $298.

    Jefferson Middle School,  Camcorder for video class and event documentation. Submitted: 3.20.15,
    Granted:  $1,000

    East Kiwanis, Madison East Kiwanis Foundation, IPads for kids with Autism, Submitted 3-12-15,
    Granted:  $1,000.

    Individual grant,  Summer swim camp. Submitted 4-13-15
    Granted:  $225.

    Toki Marathon,  Entry for kids to participate. Submitted 3-12-15
    Granted:  $250.

    GOTR Girls on the run, Run shoes , clothes. Submitted 2-24-15
    Granted:  $1,000

    FLYY – At risk youth nature workshops and expeditions. Submitted 2-5-15
    Granted: $1,000

    Sun Prairie sunshine place stuff the bus – school supplies. Submitted 1-27-15
    Granted: $1,000

    O’Keefe Middle School, Rollerblades for P.E. Class Submitted 1-14-15
    Granted: $1,000

    Three Gaits Inc.,   Therapeutic Riding stables, Safety helmets. Submitted 11-30-14
    Granted: $1,000

    McCarthy Park – Sun Prairie, XX kid’s snow ski equipment , submitted 11-24-14
    Granted: $1,000

    Riding on Insulin –radios and arm bands. Submitted 11-18-14
    Granted: $1,000

    First Tee of Wisconsin,  Kid’s summer Golf league scholarships. Submitted 11-12-14
    Granted: $1,000

    Children’s Voice,   informational materials to day cares and schools, Submitted 10-22-14
    Granted: $773

    Several Boxes of school supplies were collected at National Quick Cash, Madison4Kids delivered these to The Road Home and to Kennedy Heights Neighborhood Center

    Individual grant,  for girl’s travel expenses for statewide softball competitions. Submitted 10-6-14
    Granted: $350

    Individual grant, student accepted in WYSO’s top youth orchestra for advanced private cello lessons. Submitted 8-13-14 Granted: $1,000

    Stoner Prairie Elementary, for “iMakeiLearn” & Design Lab, innovative lab to explore new technologies, during & after school. Submitted 8-29-14  Granted: $1,000

    Emerson School, for their “Harmony Park to help purchase “Freenotes” accessible playground equipment. Submitted 8-2-14. Granted: $1,000

    Individual grant, to buy compression garments called Spio.  For 9- year old girl with special needs stabilize herself and prevent falls. Submitted 5-1-14  Granted: $385

    Food Allergy Assn. funds for food free fall carnival for children with food allergies. Submitted 5-30-14
    Granted: $200

    The Road Home Princess Club,  Supplies, Club promotes health, self-esteem, manners and community service for girls ages 4-15 who have moved from homelessness to permanent housing.    Submitted  5-30-14   Granted: $1,000

    Camp MASH– Campership, Provide scholarship for child with  Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis attend a special camp with peers. Submitted 2.20.14 , Granted: $325

    Hundreds of Toothbrushes and Toothpaste  were donated to the Verona School district for distribution to  the district’s school nurses offices – Priceless!

    FLYY – At risk youth nature workshops and expeditions. Submitted 11.7.13,
    Granted: $1,000

    Riding on Insulin,–  Two way radios for kids with Diabetes to report blood sugar levels during Ski and snowboarding activities.  Submitted 11.5.13  Granted: $800

    Tri4schools– 40 scholarships , running events, money goes towards  Kids’ entry fees. Submitted 4-28-14,
    Granted: $1,000

    East Kiwanis, Madison East Kiwanis Foundation, IPads for kids, 2 iPads given to twins   with autism. New Horizon school, Sun Prairie.  Submitted, 9.19.13, Granted $1,000

    Badger Childhood cancer network, Sickle cell picnic Submitted 2.27.14
    Granted: $425

     WYSO, Youth scholarships  Submitted 2.26.14
    Granted: $1,000

    Children’s Dyslexia Center Madison, provide funds for mentors, Submitted 2.28.14,
    Granted: $1,000

    2 Eno-Vision  Smart boards presented to the top two on-line vote getting school districts in the county  2/14/14 – 3/17/14,  winners: Deerfield School District and Common Threads in McFarland FMV: $5,000.00