When it comes to giving, it’s nice to know that you are making a difference.

You’d like to believe that the money you give is going to help someone or something. The good news is that many charities are helping people worldwide for many different purposes.

However, not all charities have the same mission. Nor do they all operate efficiently or are always true to their objectives. And when those organizations are national, you sometimes wonder how much money will actually be used to support the cause… and not end up as a salary or go to administration fees. Be sure to do your charity homework before you contribute.


So What Makes Us Different?

The team behind Madison4Kids was born from a diverse background of people who want to make a difference locally. With so many national based charities who have strict guidelines and paid staff, we wanted to operate in fashion that is different.

  • No one receives a salary. Yes, we have operating expenses, but there is no payroll.
  • We want to see contributions benefit kids because we feel investing in them will help create a better world.
  • The money is to help Dane County (Madison, WI) kids. Not many local charities do just this.
  • We want to complete the stories so when money goes out, contributors will know how it has helped someone.
  • We have guidelines, but we aim to be flexible.

Most of us at Madison4Kids are working or retired professionals who are passionate to helping kids and bring unique skill sets to ensure our charity grows in a fashion that keeps us true to our roots.

So when you give to us, you should feel confident your money IS making a difference to kids in greater Madison, WI

image source: http://blog.kurnhattin.org