The Road Home Dane County

Madison4Kids is excited to announce that we have provided The Road Home Dane County with a $1,000 grant to build the Housing & Hope Playground. The Road Home provides opportunities for homeless children and their families to achieve self-determined goals and affordable, stable housing. The Housing & Hope Playground will provide a safe outdoor environment for 30 formerly homeless children living in the Housing & Hope apartments.

Children living in The Road Home Housing & Hope apartments have all experienced homelessness with no opportunities for healthy, safe play unless in a school setting. Although they now have the stability of permanent housing, they do not have access to a play space in the community in which they now live. Instead, children play in the parking lots where safety is an issue around moving cars. With a playground located next to the apartment buildings, children can experience the healthy benefits of outdoor play in a safe environment where parents can supervise.

The grant from Madison4Kids will be used to purchase rubber mulch that can protect children from falls and provide wheelchair accessibility. Children and their families will participate in creating the new playground by installing the rubber mulch. This project will provide a learning opportunity for children by allowing them to follow directions, participate as part of a team and see the results of their efforts. Because of their personal involvement in creating this play space, the children will have pride of ownership and will be invested in maintaining the space for all to enjoy. Their efforts will be celebrated with an ice cream party.

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